We are honored to partner with a growing list of Maine farm families.

Farm Partners

It all starts with exceptional Maine farm families who are committed to raising livestock on pasture, being good stewards of the natural resources required in farming, and caring for their animals in a humane and respectful manner. Meat raised this way will always taste better. Maine is home to several pasture-based livestock farms. And the demand for locally-raised meats is increasing. We are the gateway between the two communities.

We are honored to partner with a growing list of Maine farms who help us supply our customers with year round pasture-raised meats. In addition to being committed to continuous improvement, our farm partners must meet our four basic criteria:

1. Pasture-based farm system
2. Respectful treatment of animals
3. Sustainable use of resources in their farm practices
4. Good and honest people.


Partner Profiles

Little Alaska Farm, Wales

Roger and Linda Fortin started it all with their vision of Little Alaska Farm Market. Though the market has changed its name to Farmers’ Gate and now partners with several pasture-based farms, we are still proud to offer Little Alaska grass fed beef and pastured pork. No herbicides or pesticides are used in treating their pastures and their beef are fed grass throughout the year. Their pigs are raised on all local grains. No corn or soy.

Old Crow Ranch, Durham

Steve Sinisi and Seren Huus use a strategic rotational grazing system to provide high quality grass to their cattle herd, while building nutrient levels on their 40 acres of open pasture. In addition to fresh grasses, the cows are also fed dry hay and haylage. No pesticides or herbicides are used in growing grass. They raise exceptional hogs on organic grain and lots of pasture. Old Crow Ranch also raises some beautiful chickens raised on organic grains and pasture as well.

Dorolenna Farm, Montville

Farmers’ Gate Market is proud to partner with Dorolenna Farm to offer certified organic chicken. Andrew Marshall, when he is not coordinating all of MOFGA’s education programs, grows beautiful birds, organically. He uses hatcheries that breed for traits that are conducive to growing outdoors on pasture. As an organic producer, no antibiotics or hormones are used and all feed is GMO free.

Other Farm Partners:

Oaklands Farm, Gardiner. Beef, Pork.

Alive ‘N’ Pickin’ Farm, Unity. Chicken.

Snafu Acres, Monmouth. Chicken. 

Misty Brook Farm, Albion. Chicken, Veal, Dairy.

Meadow View Farm, Monmouth. Pork.

Alma Farm, Porter. Pork.

North Star Sheep Farm, Windham. Lamb. 

Treble Ridge Farm, Whitefield. Pork.

River Meadows Farm, Turner. Beef.


Restaurant Partners

Farmers’ Gate Market supplies a select few restaurants in the Greater Portland area with locally raised meat.

Gather, Yarmouth, ME 

Outliers Eatery, Portland, ME 

Scratch Baking Co., South Portland, ME 

Elsmere BBQ & Wood Grill, South Portland, ME

Palace Diner, Biddeford, ME




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